Commercial Gelato Base Products

QualBase 312

Qualbase 312 is used to make your milk gelato base from scratch, without the need to purchase expensive pre-mixed base powders.  It contains the stabilisers and emulsifiers you need to make an excellent quality gelato base. 

It is incredibly easy to use, and the results are outstanding.  We are confident Qualbase 312 will make a base as good as, if not better than, the base mix you currently use.

All you need to add to your pasteuriser is milk, cream (and/or cream powder), sugar, dextrose and milk powder - ingredients you probably already use today. 

Qualbase 312 can also be used to make sorbets, and it is recommended you use hot water (65 degrees) in your mix.

Our Starter Pack is ideal as a first purchase.  At 300g the Starter Pack will make one 60 litre batch of milk gelato.

Qualbase 312 Specifications
Qualbase 312 Specs.docx
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Fibrecell is used to give your gelato and sorbets structure in your cabinet, and reduce its susceptibility to 'heat shock'.  This means your products maintain their structure and scoopability at warmer temperatures.  It can be added to your pasteuriser for hot process, or added to your cold mix for individual trays.


Fibrecell Specifications
Fibrecell Specs.docx
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When you order your Commercial Gelato Ingredients from Tango Gelato you will receive a suggested recipe and dosage for Qualbase 312 and Fibrecell.  Of course you may decide to experiment with your recipe and use more or less cream, skim milk powder rather than full cream etc.

Gelato Flavours

We are pleased to announce we are now able to offer a delicious range of gelato flavourings!  These flavourings are in liquid form and contain only the flavouring, so they are not full of sugar, glucose syrup, thickeners, colours and preservatives.


All of our flavours come in 200ml bottles, and you add them to your mix using an eyedropper available from your local pharmacy. 

The Proof...

We have operated our own Gelateria for 10 years and use Qualbase 312 and Fibrecell in every batch.  We also use every one of the flavourings we offer here at Tango Gelato, but of course the proof of the pudding is in the tasting, and our customers love our gelato and sorbet, so much so that our Gelateria has won multiple awards, including 29 MEDALS for our gelato and sorbet!  In 2017 we won 11 GOLD MEDALS!