If I make my base from scratch using Qualbase 312, will it be as good as the base I currently make?

We are confident that the base you can make from scratch using Qualbase 312 will be as good or better than the base mix you currently use.  We've been using Qualbase 312 in our gelateria for years, and we wouldn't use anything else.  It contains the same or similar emulsifiers and stabilisers as the base mix you currently use, but without the dextrose and milk powder fillers. And our gelato and sorbet (made from scratch with Qualbase 312) has won a total of 29 medals, including 11 GOLD MEDALS!

Can I really save money by using Qualbase 312?

Yes!  Because you only use 300g of Qualbase 312 per 60 litre milk gelato batch, you can save significant amounts of your hard earned money.  Below is an approximate guide to the cost for a 60 litre batch using Qualbase 312.  Compare this to your current costings and we're sure you will save money!




Milk $42




Milk Powder




Qualbase 312




How will I know how much to use?

We'll send you a suggested recipe with your order!  It's very simple to use, in fact we think it's easier to make our base now than ever before.  All you need to add is fresh milk, cream (and/or cream powder), dextrose, milk powder and sugar.

Can I use Qualbase 312 for cold process gelato, sorbet and yoghurt manufacture?

To activate the emulsifiers, hot process is recommended for Qualbase 312.  If you are using cold process for milk base, it is recommended to heat your mix to 65 degrees.  If you use Qualbase 312 for sorbet, you can either heat the entire mix to 65 degrees (which will increase your overrun and add to the creaminess of the finished product), or just use hot tap water in your mix (this will give your finished product a denser mouth-feel and deeper colour).

Just how good are your gelato flavours?

Really, really good!  They are simply super-concentrated flavours and extracts.  They contain no expensive fillers such as glucose syrup, thickeners, colours and preservatives.  And you measure out your dosage using a simple 5ml eye-dropper available from your pharmacy, so you can save $$$.

Why are your products so much cheaper?

Our products are cheaper because they contain no expensive fillers such as dextrose and milk powder.  We only sell our Commercial Gelato Ingredients online so our overheads are low and we like to pass these savings onto our customers!

Why can't I pay using my credit card?

You can!  But we just ask you to do it through Paypal.  It's very expensive to accept credit card payments online, and these costs are inevitably passed on to the customer.  We aim to keep our prices as low as possible, and to do this we keep our costs way, way down.  Paypal is very safe, free to use, and just as easy (if not easier) to use than a credit card.  If you don't already have an account, it only takes a minute or two, just visit www.paypal.com

Are you an Australian company?

Yes we are a 100% Australian owned and operated family business!  Your goods will be sent to you from New South Wales.